Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The South Project - Yogyakarta Gathering 21-25 Oct

After much anticipation, the South Project in partnership with the Indonesian Contemporary Art Network (iCAN) is proud to present the Yogyakarta Gathering – Perjumpaan Selatan Selatan 2009.
Perjumpaan selatan-selatan is the fifth International south-south Gathering organised by the South Project.
The project extends existing cultural relations by activating: short-term residencies for artists from across the South; the mutual development of collaborative cultural projects; and focuses on attracting the participation of a wide audience of public, exhibition viewers, workshop participants, students and general public. In addition, it offers potential for international promotion of the outcomes and the ignition of future cultural exchange.
Agents of Proximity (Amy Spiers & Victoria Stead), Abdi Setiawan, Abdul Syukur, Ash Keating, Agency for Collective Agency (panther & pvi collective), Dylan Martorell, Lashita Situmorang, Lucreccia Quintanilla & Jason Heller, Wimo Ambala Bayang, and Yennyferth Becerra. For full arts projects listing, visit: Martorell -view installation work in progress and live improvised performances at Room Mate Gallery 3-6pm / 23-25th October. (Jl.Suryodiningratan).
Final night kraton tea ceremony/performance, 4-6pm 26th October at Room Mate Gallery
Dylan Martorell and Ash Keating artists talk at MES 56,(Jl.Nagan Lor17),after Kraton Tea performance (rubber time).
thanks to Georgia, Magdelana, Boy(vicious), Ant, Sigit, Snaggletooth, Tim, Iteq ,the Room Mate roommates and Jogjakarta.

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