Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Musique Povera and Umbil Ballits Graphic Score music now avaliable on bandcamp





Thursday, June 06, 2013

The ‘Instrument Builders Project: New Noises’ is collaboration between Australian sound artist / instrument builders and Indonesian sound artist / instrument builders to develop new experimental musical instruments, sound sculptures and performance tools.
The project focuses on blending traditional skill and craftsmanship with contemporary avant-garde approaches, to create innovative and original musical objects that act not only as sound making instruments but also as art works unique to the SE Asia/Australia region.
The key activity of the project is for visiting Indonesian artists to spend time collaborating with Australian artists in a series of one-on-one and group projects, to be showcased firstly in Australia and subsequently in Indonesia.
The first workshop intensive will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 24 June until 16 July 2013.
The four key Australian artists are Rod Cooper (Melbourne), Dylan Martorell (Melbourne), Pia Van Gelder (Sydney) and Michael Candy (Brisbane).
The four key Indonesian artists confirmed are Wukir Suryadi master bamboo instrument builder, ethno-musicologist/gamelan maker Asep Nata, Indonesian visual artist Ardi Gunawan and traditional gamelan builder Wibowo and expert gamelan tuner.
The Instrument Builders Project: New Noises’ seeks to explore and celebrate the differences and similarities that occur within the creative processes of the Australian / Indonesian artists, but with an emphasis on skill sharing and exchange of ideas. Through these short-term creative collaborations, Australian and Indonesian sound artist / instrument builders will forge and consolidate relationships that will be of demonstrable long-term benefit to the arts communities in both countries.

This project is supported by Australia Council for the Arts, The Australia Indonesia Institute and iCan (Indonesia Contemporary Art Network)